Policy abstraction

DLP Policies & Templates

Our Data Leakage Protection (DLP) Policy Templates provide a basis to comply with internal, organizational, external, and regulatory requirements.
They combine our Premium Classification Definitions with other predicates and actions—notify, block, encrypt, to name a few—to fullfill compliance with a policy.

Regulatory Compliance  

Nucleuz has a set of pre-defined DLP Policy Templates for various regulations across several industries. Additionally, we are continuously adding new policies based on market changes and customer needs.

View Nucluez's catalog of pre-defined DLP Policy Templates.


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If standardized DLP policy templates are not enough to cover your business' DLP needs, administrators can adjust the policy templates as needed for their organization. For example, admins can add sender, recipient, and internal/external qualifications (among others, of course). The admin can also specify actions like Block or Block Override, etc.

Platform Integration  

Nucleuz's DLP Policies integrate directly and natively with Microsoft Office 365 (O365), Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft Exchange 2013+, and Microsoft Office 2013+. No additional hardware or cloud services are needed so you get simplified administration from a single centralized location, and you continue to benefit from your existing hosted service.

Our DLP Policies add a broad spectrum of advanced DLP detection capabilities to all of the features and benefits of these products for a powerful and very cost effective DLP solution.

For customers using any of these products, installation is a simple two-step process taking only minutes. A restart is not even required for the changes to take effect and begin working immediately!