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Custom DLP Policies

Put our DLP expertise to work for your business!

If standardized DLP Policies are not enough to cover your business' DLP needs, we can develop a custom DLP policy to detect and protect your company's specific data and assets.

Our extensive background in creating DLP solutions can shorten the time and reduce the expertise needed to complete your DLP solution.

Porting DLP Policies

Do you have an existing DLP Policy and want it ported for use natively in Office 365 (O365) or Exchange?

We can port your existing DLP Policies from many third party products so they can be installed and used directly and natively in Office 365 (O365) or Exchange. The end result is a consolidated and unified security and compliance solution.

Now you can leverage all of the features of Office 365 (O365) and Exchange like built-in encryption, no-hassle native client-side DLP integration, and more.