Digital classification abstraction

Premium Classification Definitions

Nucleuz's Premium Data Leakage Protection (DLP) Classification Definitions (also known as "Classification Rules", "DLP Rules", or "DLP Sensitive Types") offer quality and value benefits.


We have Classification Definitions for many different industries and regulations including Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Finance, Medical, Corporate, Government, and others. Additionally, we are adding new rules regularly.

If you're looking for a particular data element, just drop us a line and tell us what you're looking for.

We also offer services for development of custom classification definitions. More information below.

Contact us for more information about the availability of specific Classification Definitions.


  • PII
  • Finance
  • Medical
  • Corporate IP & Assets
  • Federal / State
  • more ...


We pride ourselves on the accuracy rates of our Premium Classification Definitions. This is a key ingredient for an effective DLP solution.

Inaccurate rules are problematic for a company. They cause interruptions, confusion, lost time, and reduced productivity for Information Workers (IW) as well as administrators.

The Information Worker's routine is interrupted by inaccurate rules as he/she attempts to understand the problem, and then to correct it or work around it.

Admins in turn are faced with additional support requests from co-workers. They also need additional time to investigate false findings, and to react as necessary to ensure the organization maintains compliant with policies.

False negatives are an even bigger problem. False negatives are rarely found by individuals—hence the need for DLP in the first place. In these cases, sensitive information and company data assets are leaked—defeating the value of DLP.

Our Premium Data Leakage Protection (DLP) Classification Definitions (Rules) are purpose-built by experts following a rigorous quality control process.

We're constantly tuning our rules based on our own new findings as well as feedback from our customers and partners.

View demos of DLP rules accuracy.


Our intimate knowledge of the platform gives us an unprecendented ability to create high-performance Classification Rules. Better performing rules mean a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for on-premise deployments, and less likelihood of having your e-mail throttled in the cloud.


We understand that every company is different. The pre-made Classification rules cover the majority of the standard sensitive types. If the standardized Classification Definitions and Policies are not enough to cover your business' DLP needs, we can work with you to define, detect and protect your company's specific data and assets.

Our extensive background in creating DLP solutions can shorten the time and provide the expertise needed to complete your DLP solution.

Contact us for more information about custom DLP rules and policies.


Our Classification Definitions are currently available for Microsoft's DLP solution built into the 2013 (v15) and newer versions of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Exchange.

Our products are ready for immediate usage in Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook versions 2013 and newer. This spans both on-premise deployments and hosted/cloud services, including Office 365 (O365).

How It Works  

Nucleuz's Classification Definitions integrate directly and natively with Microsoft Office 365 (O365), Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft Exchange 2013+, and Microsoft Office 2013+.
No additional hardware or cloud services are needed so you get simplified administration from a single centralized location, and you continue to benefit from your existing hosted service.

Our Classification Definitions add a broad spectrum of advanced DLP detection capabilities to all of the features and benefits of these products for a powerful and very cost effective DLP solution.

For customers using any of these products, installation is a simple one-step process taking only minutes. A restart is not even required for the changes to take effect and begin working immediately!